Wednesday, July 18, 2012

will u marry me?

Will u marry me?
Will u live forever with me?
Whilst loving each other
I want to have a child that looks like me
Another one looks like u
And live, unhurt for 1000 or 10000 years
To be honest with u
I like u more than u like me
And people say that’s better between a man and a woman
I will love u more
I will take care of u
If u cry, if u’re having a hard time
If u’re hurt, I will hurt with u
I will love u more
I will protect u forever
Im thankful that I have meet someone like u
I want to love only u everyday
Will u marry me?

#saya rase lirik ni teramat sweet ;)
bole tak nk someone tu nyanyi kat saye?? 
heeee ....

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